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7 Things I Did to Become a General Counsel

by Joseph Schohl When I’m asked for advice on how to become a Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel, I often remind the person asking that there is no one right way to become GC. Ultimately people must find what works best for them. Having said that, here are 7 things I did to become […]

A Cup o’ Joe: Let the Outside In

joe at santa cruz island

Earlier in the year I sent a note to a group of parents with executive-level jobs with the following advice: “In these roles, the responsibilities are significant and the demands endless. Never forget to unplug, get outside, and enjoy quality time with the ones you love.” Recently, I felt overloaded, on edge, too easily provoked, […]

The Value of Secondments


Your chief compliance officer abruptly leaves the company with a stack of issues pending review, and the list is growing longer each day. One of your in-house lawyers has announced she will be going on maternity leave in a few months, and you are not sure how everything will get done without her. Your company […]

Peak Performer: Radiology Partners 10 Years of Transforming Radiology


GCWest’s mission, to provide world-class general counsel services to businesses transforming healthcare, has always paired us with industry innovators willing to revolutionize the status quo. One shining example is Radiology Partners (RP), founded in 2012 with a mission to transform radiology. A decade later, RP is the largest radiology practice in the nation and the […]

2nd Annual GCWest Cares

back to school

After an adventurous and fun-filled summer, the team at GCWest gathered together with our kids to host our 2nd annual “GCWest Cares” backpack drive to provide new backpacks and school supplies for local elementary students in need. This year, we were even joined by a couple of our magnificent clients. The event has become a […]

A Cup o’ Joe: What It’s Like to be a General Counsel Right Now

grand canyon

Being a general counsel has always been a difficult job. No easy problems make it to the GC’s desk. It’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve been practicing law for nearly 30 years. It’s been almost 18 years since I first served as a public company GC. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to […]

Data Exploitation on the Rise: Is Your Data at Risk?

data security

DATA COMMERCIALIZATION GCWest reviews and drafts thousands of contracts every year. A growing area of focus is on protecting one of our clients’ most valuable assets and sources of potential liability – their data. What starts as a simple contract review often evolves into an intense negotiation over data use. We have repeatedly observed our […]

Peak Performer: City of Hope An Innovative Leader in Cancer Care

healthcare cancer care

GCWest’s mission, to provide world-class general counsel services to businesses transforming healthcare, has always paired us with innovative entities looking to make significant advancements and contributions. City of Hope, a long-term GCWest client, is one such organization. Founded in 1913, City of Hope has been providing cutting-edge medical treatment for over a century, and today […]

A GCW Tradition: The Annual Christmas Extravaganza!

GCWest Christmas Extravaganza 2021

What started simply as a shared meal around the table has evolved into a time-honored GCW family tradition—the Annual Christmas Party or, more accurately, the Annual Christmas Extravaganza! This past December marked the 10th anniversary of this special gathering. The event has become a marker of time, a reflection of how our practice has grown […]