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Empowering GCs/CLOs to unleash their maximum potential both professionally and personally

Joe Schohl is an experienced GC who partners with GCs/CLOs and other attorney leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their professional potential in a way that enhances, not compromises, their personal quality of life.

Joe works with them to:

  • Set and achieve career and personal goals that bring them purpose and joy
  • Consistently apply the habits of highly effective GCs/CLOs
  • Discover best practices to optimize their energy, work, and relationships
  • Design their lives to be in full integrity with their values

Being the GC/CLO of an organization is uniquely challenging. Joe knows from his personal experience how hard it is to be an effective GC without sacrificing the rest of your life. Joe has been practicing law for nearly 30 years and has been a personal and professional growth addict for even longer than that. He’s served in several high intensity GC/CLO roles, from the Fortune 500 to fast-growing private equity backed organizations. He’s also served as outside counsel to many GCs and has seen what makes some people excel and what holds others back.

What are you capable of? Contact Joe at and let’s find out together.


7 Things I Did To Become A General Counsel: Joe Schohl On His Path To The Legal Department

Joe Schohl set out to become a public company GC before turning 40. He wrote this goal on a piece of paper and carried it in his pocket until he landed a General Counsel role at the nation’s largest dialysis provider, Davita, at age 34. He later became Chief Legal Officer of Radiology Partners and also founded the health law firm General Counsel West, where he currently serves as Chairman. A lifelong learner, Joe recently became an ICF-certified executive coach. In this episode, he shares his journey into his first general counsel role and the lessons he learned along the way. Inspired by his LinkedIn Post “7 Things I Did to Become a General Counsel,” this episode offers concrete advice for attorneys aspiring to the lead in-house role.