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Navigating Switchbacks With Payor Contracting Experts

For over ten years, GCWest has distinguished itself as a highly experienced and effective, but cost-efficient choice, for health care providers negotiating and managing payor contract portfolios and relationships.

To date, GCWest has advised providers on payor contracts worth over $5 billion, having represented individual providers, provider groups, independent physician associations, physician hospital organizations, and management services organizations. Not only does GCWest represent a wide range of clients, GCWest represents these clients in a wide range of circumstances, from fee-for-service agreements to shared savings and other risk deals. As the health care marketplace evolves, GCWest helps clients evolve with it, keeping them abreast of the changing Medicare and Medicaid landscape as well as in how best to leverage and adapt to emerging payor arrangements.

Since its founding, GCWest has guided its clients through every phase of the payor contracting process. GCWest has been instrumental in developing and refining payor contracting best practices and guidelines for its clients, as well as in educating legal and business leaders in how best to apply such practices. GCWest also provides crucial support for clients during live negotiations, helping assess risk in tense and rapidly moving circumstances. When payor relationships go awry or reach their end points, GCWest guides clients through pre-litigation contractual disputes and post-termination obligations, including continuation of care and other regulatory matters.

All along the way, GCWest keeps clients informed of anticipated payor strategies and goals, knowledge that GCWest has acquired from years of interactions with a diverse array of payors. From start to finish, GCWest is there to help its clients traverse the payor contracting world with unique insights and unparalleled experience.