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A Cup o’ Joe

Many of you know I’ve been “on assignment” at Radiology Partners for the past 2-1/2 years serving as their Chief Legal Officer. RP is the largest physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the U.S., with approximately 1500 radiologists providing services to more than 1200 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers across 24 states, with the infrastructure and capital to scale further.

While I’ve been supporting RP since almost day one (along with others on the GCWest team), it wasn’t until the beginning of 2018 that I joined on a full-time basis. Since that time the practice has acquired over 20 radiology practices, completed several debt and equity capital-raising transactions (including a rule 144a notes offering and a $700mm equity infusion from Starr Capital), and established world-class legal, compliance and risk management capabilities with a team of 24 full-time professionals. To accomplish many of these efforts, the practice has relied on the continued support of GCWest. It’s been a very busy time! And that was all before the COVID pandemic hit, which required us to develop entirely new capabilities that were unimaginable at the beginning of the year. But it looks like the worst is behind us and as our treatment volumes return to normal, we are once again focused on growth. I expect the second-half of 2020 to look a lot more like the past three years than the past three months.

And while RP keeps me busy more than full-time these days, I welcome any GCWest client to reach out to me free of charge to stay connected and compare notes on how best to proceed in this fast-changing environment!

You can read more about RP and the Practice Protectors here: