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Peak Performer: Radiology Partners 10 Years of Transforming Radiology

GCWest’s mission, to provide world-class general counsel services to businesses transforming healthcare, has always paired us with industry innovators willing to revolutionize the status quo. One shining example is Radiology Partners (RP), founded in 2012 with a mission to transform radiology. A decade later, RP is the largest radiology practice in the nation and the clear leader in the specialty.

GCWest has been there since nearly the beginning providing general counsel services and helping to build an in-house legal and compliance team. This eventually led to Joe Schohl serving as RP’s first full-time Chief Legal Officer.

As RP celebrates 10 years of transforming radiology, Co-Founders Rich Whitney, Chairman & CEO, and Dr. Anthony Gabriel, President & COO, shared insights on RP’s milestones and momentum for the future.


Prior to RP’s inception, there was a void within the radiology specialty. The founders believed they could revolutionize the practice of radiology, drive innovation and add value throughout healthcare. “Radiology is not a sideline specialty. It is at the center of the continuum of care,” said Whitney.

The founders spent months asking healthcare experts, hospital leaders and radiologists why this void hadn’t been successfully filled. What they learned informed how they established RP–with a focus on radiologists in leadership roles. “That was our big thing–putting radiologists in the driver’s seat,” said Gabriel.


“Everything we’ve accomplished at RP we owe to the people who are attracted to the idea of transforming radiology,” Whitney stated. In the beginning, “we had no radiologists, no clients, and no exams. It was just a couple of guys with an idea,” said Gabriel. Today, RP accounts for nearly 50 million radiology exams per year.

From launching their first clinical program in 2015 to launching Radiology Partners Research Institute in 2017 to being named an “Exemplary Practice” in 2019 by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), RP has vastly improved the quality and value of radiology and reached countless milestones along the way.

Culture remains central to RP’s success. At its genesis, RP took a practice-wide vote to determine the values that would drive the organization. Living those values, keeping one another accountable and upholding their standards were critical to building and growing a new kind of practice.

With each milestone, RP has proven that transforming radiology is not only possible, but achievable. “While there is so much more to do, we are transforming radiology,” Whitney noted.


As more hospitals and health systems turn to RP for radiology services, the practice continues to develop a widening and well-earned competitive advantage in the space. “In the next 10 years, we want to take it to the next level. We will continue to develop clinical programs, advance our technology platforms and other capabilities,” said Gabriel.

Expanding market share and services are only a part of RP’s future. Ultimately, transforming the practice of radiology allows RP to improve the lives of patients and clinicians alike. “We will continually move forward and continually do a little bit more to take care of patients, make RP a great place for physicians to work and help the healthcare system. It’s a journey that keeps going,” reflected Gabriel.

As RP continues to revolutionize radiology, GCWest continues to support the efforts. The RP team has achieved a great deal in its first decade and they seek to bring greater innovation in the years ahead. “It’s incredibly satisfying to see a lot of things that many, many people said we couldn’t do become a reality,” said Whitney.