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Peak Performer: Exer Urgent Care’s COVID-19 Response

GCWest’s mission, to provide world-class general counsel services to businesses transforming healthcare, has always paired us with leading edge entities looking to make significant advancements and contributions. The last 18 months have demonstrated the extraordinary potential of our clients, as they rose up to meet the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic. We were inspired by their relentless commitment, creativity, responsiveness, and agility during this difficult time. Leading the charge was Exer Urgent Care, an innovative healthcare provider, that stepped up to offer critical services during the COVID-19 crisis.


With 23 Southern California locations, Exer Urgent Care is designed to get patients better. With the peace of mind that comes from easy access to highly trained ER doctors, Exer provides a full range of minor-to-major care in a convenient, high-quality and affordable environment. With on-site pharmacy, in-house PCR lab featuring next day COVID-19 testing results, x-ray and more, Exer can treat 80 percent of the cases seen in an ER for a fraction of the cost.

During the pandemic, Exer Urgent Care has been a beacon of hope for patients seeking medical care – both routine and emergent. Patients have had the ability to address medical emergencies, without the fear of crushing wait times in overtaxed emergency rooms. Patients have also been able to receive standard check-ups, at a convenient location, seven days a week, even when they were unable or reluctant to visit their primary care doctor.


“As the needs of our patients evolved during the pandemic, we looked for ways to innovate and improve their experience and will continue to expand our services and implement new technologies to better serve the community,” said Rob Mahan, CEO, Exer Urgent Care.

Exer is reimagining walk-in care. During COVID-19, Exer introduced two new services that have significantly enhanced both patient safety and overall patient experience, VirtualCare by Exer and VirtualLINE.

VirtualCare allows patients to access an Exer provider, via video chat, using a tablet, computer or smart phone – with no appointment necessary. VirtualLine allows patients seeking in-person visits to check in and wait “in line” from the location of their choosing. Text alerts provide a safer environment by informing patients of their place in line and wait time, alleviating long lines at the clinics, while also helping patients maintain social distancing. Such service innovations have been invaluable during the pandemic and will continue to provide benefits beyond.


These new offerings put patients’ needs first and explain, in part, why Exer has seen a 125% increase in patient volume in the past year. “Bringing innovative healthcare to our patients requires a partnership with legal experts who can guide us through the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulation. GCWest has been a great resource for Exer Urgent Care as we continue to expand our services to meet the healthcare needs of our patients,” said Mahan.

GCWest has been honored to partner with Deann Hampton (Exer’s Chief Administrative Officer and Founder) in these endeavors. We look forward to continuing to work together as Exer advances the state of healthcare. Whether it’s compliance support, vendor contracting, policy drafting or advising on best practices, GCWest stands ready to support the Exer team as they provide exceptional healthcare to the communities of Southern California and beyond.