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Helping Our Clients Rise to the Top

GCWest is dedicated to helping our clients traverse transactional terrain. Our vast experience working on nearly 150 transactions in more than 30 states has provided GCWest with the opportunity to partner with several rapidly growing clients, including national physician practices, treatment centers, and veterinary practices, as they grow and expand their horizons. We advise clients with respect to deal structure in light of the relevant regulatory landscapes and negotiate successful joint ventures, asset deals, and stock acquisitions.

For small and mid-size transactions, we often serve as lead deal counsel, handling all legal aspects of an acquisition from the letter of intent stage to post-closing integration. For large transactions, we partner with our clients and outside counsel to achieve the best and most efficient results. Given GCWest’s expertise in negotiating payor contracts, we expertly assess a selling entity’s payor contracts by identifying and working through potential obstacles to closing and risks that could affect the ultimate value of the deal.

We also forge new paths forward for our clients by developing the smoothest and most efficient deal processes for future transactions. GCWest has created and transformed transaction checklists and diligence summary templates to help clients navigate the deal process in the most methodical, assured manner. We implement processes to facilitate optimal communications between our clients’ relevant stakeholders, lawyers, and other outside consultants. GCWest takes the next step to educate our clients’ non-lawyers on various aspects of the transaction process, including diligence, disclosure schedules, and representations and warranties insurance as needed to help our clients achieve peak performance.